"God Stories"

Paul–from Abuse to Freedom

December 8, 2018

Hi Everyone! This year I turn forty-nine. I became a Christian nine years ago, and my goal was to be baptized before turning fifty. Since most people do this immediately after their conversions, why the wait? Along with people’s baptisms are stories of their conversion and what brought them to Christ, stories that can become quite personal and often times filled with things the person would like to forget. Mine is like that. I’m a…

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Shannon–from Jail to Jesus

September 19, 2018

Monday night men’s group. Fourteen of us sitting on wire chairs moved from the nearby umbrella-covered glass-top outdoor tables of the local motel where we were meeting. We’ve been meeting outdoors for several weeks with no problems from mother nature. Shannon, a stout 40-yr old man about 5’8″ with thinning black hair tall was telling us about the operation just went through. He had a  defibrillator installed in his chest (similar to a pacemaker) to…

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