What People Are Saying 

Praise for Servants on the Slopes

Servants on the Slopes is a well-written and compelling read. It clearly conveys deeply-moving experiences that will stay with the reader long after the book is finished. The writing is honest, engaging, and accessible. Readers will enjoy these accounts, and will walk away from the book with a new appreciation for the fascinating and relatively unknown world of ski ministries.   Adam Crowley, Associate Professor of English

As I read Servants On The Slopes, I was reminded of how God takes the crooked places in our lives and makes them straight. Skip’s compelling writing walks us through the lives of four men, surprising us in the ways God leads each of them to the ski slopes of America.  In the Bible, God often appears on mountains, and he appears on mountains in this book. It’s a thrilling read.  Kirk Winters, founder, The Rock Churches of Maine.

Skip tells the inspiring stories of four very different men, all dedicated to serving God in the unusual setting of a major ski resort.  These stories need to be told for the incredible ways in which their work benefits the guests, employees, and members of our resort communities.  Phil Gravink—Ski industry pioneer, past president of the National Ski Areas Association and of several resorts.

Skip Schwarz and his accompanying trailblazers in Servants on the Slopes have brought the light of Jesus to the ski and snowboard culture—a culture often overlooked by the institutional church. In our Snapchat society of non-stop, instant-gratification and unimportant-after-30-seconds information, Skip’s gripping stories of lives changed by Jesus make for an inspiring read.   Joshua Stock, director of SFC (Snowboarders/Skiers for Christ) /International.

Skip’s inspiring stories tell of modern-day apostles who are committed to leading lives faithful to God’s calling—men who are willing to do whatever it takes to share the love and power of Jesus Christ. I pray that as you read of these faithful and changed lives, yours will be transformed as well.  Jeff Wagner, Missionary Mobilization Consultant, North American Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

Unsolicited Notes of Praise

"Emily and I received your book!!! Wow! What an accomplishment!  It is so well-written. We need one more copy—I read a little, then Emily will pick it up, and then I have to go back to where I left off. I’m through the first chapter. Riveting—made for a movie. It reminds me of Into Thin Air, which only sold a few million copies."  Jeff Bradley

"I am reading mine, and the book is fantastic. Everybody I know loves your book—I am looking forward to the next one!"   Janet Fenwick Hill

"The book is great, Skip. I’ve told many folks that if they want to get a grasp of resort ministry, it’s a must read. Well done!!!" Sharon Martin Bartlett

"Skip, I’m enjoying your book immensely." Lars Mestron

"I read the first few chapters on the flight back to New Hampshire last night. Outstanding!" Gary Lovgren

"Really good for your first book. You are a gifted and talented writer." Lorraine Mitchell

"My husband is reading your book and is impressed."  Kate Giffin

"What a great read! Really a gem! Sure glad we got more than one!" Dave Bradley

"I tested your book the other night to see if it would help with my insomnia. Nope!!! Wide awake at 2 am. Enjoying it!"   Karen Kangas

"Gripping!"  Terry Smith